About half of the Americans conclude that presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden possess the for the job, as the president claimed that Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin are more mentally capable than the Democratic nominee.

According to the latest poll which was published on Sunday, 51 percent of Americans picked Joe Biden that has the mental soundness in serving effectively as the US president.

The said poll also found that only 47 percent of Americans chose the current president Donald Trump to have the mental soundness for the position while two percent of the participants were unsure about the poll.

Among participants, only 45 percent shared that Mr. Biden did not have the mental soundness to be the next president.

The said poll came a number days after another survey was released, which questioned voters in Florida, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina if they thought that the two candidates were mentally capable enough for the position.


The latest survey reflected that 51 percent of voters in the mentioned states felt that the current president is unfit for the job while Mr. Biden ended up a percent higher than Trump for the same conclusion, Business Insider reported.

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When the talks were shifted to the physical fitness of both candidates, 54 percent of the participants picked the Democratic nominee Biden as physically fit to be the president while Trump was 2 percent lower than his rival in terms of the observed physical aspect.

The physical fitness and mental aspect of the two candidates had been a talking point this 2020 campaign period, as the 74-year-old and current president Donald Trump repeatedly condemns the cognitive ability of the 77-year-old and former vice president Joe Biden.

Aside from pointing out the cognitive ability of the Democratic nominee, Mr. Trump also refers to the Democratic nominee as 'sleepy Joe' and earlier this month the current president shared in a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina that the 97-year-old veteran in the crowd is mentally sharper compared than his rival.

After the release of the said poll on Monday, the current president compared the Democratic nominee's mental fitness to both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

According to The Daily Express, during his campaign rally in Nevada, the president shared that he was dealing with all these kinds of people but they do not have the kind of mental problem that sleepy Joe has.

Trump added that compared to sleepy Joe they are very sharp; Kim Jong-un does not know about the problems that his rival has.

The current president emphasized during the rally that what we need are very sharp people and he mentioned that Joe is not qualified for the position.

The current president continuously boasted that he passed a cognitive test but when rival Joe Biden was asked if he would do the same, he then stated that why the hell he would take like that.

The national poll shows that Mr. Biden is leading the presidential race going into November and the Democratic nominee has a 15 percent advantage with women while his rival has a six-point lead with men.

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