President Donald Trump widened his attack on the prevalent mail-in voting on Thursday evening, saying that the new process of voting could possibly slow down the release of the presidential election results

Trump tweeted that elections results should be released on the night of the election, not days, months, or even years after.

A couple of hours before, Trump proposed delaying the November's presidential election in order for the citizens of America to safely and securely vote amidst the coronavirus pandemic and ended up being rejected by the Republicans in Congress.

At an evening press conference, Trump cleared himself, saying he does not want to see changes on the schedule of Election Day, rather he does not want to see a dishonest election. He uttered that he does not want to delay the voting while explaining that he wanted to have the election, but was reluctant to wait for months and discover that the ballots will be lost and will invalidate the election, The New York Post reported.

The US President uttered that the country will be mocked across the world, knowing that the new process of voting, mail-in voting, does not work. He added that only stupid people will not know about the consequences of mail-in voting and some people do not like to talk about it, but in reality, they know what mail-in voting could end up with.

Trump has been arguing for weeks that if all ballots will be mailed to all voters by the states, the ballots will be gathered by the Democrats, notwithstanding recent years' prosecutions for a couple of voter frauds. He uttered that the possibilities of some countries forging the ballots could not be disregarded.

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According to BBC, the president's claim that election results will be delayed is a prevalent fear in Washington, with government officials and journalists having cold feet on a replay of recounts during the 2000 election, which was resolved after about five weeks by the US Supreme Court.

Last week, Kayleigh McEnany, Press Secretary of the White House, brought up the current voting in New York utilizing the mail-in ballots and called it as a dark omen for November, adding that it will become an absolute catastrophe.

According to McEnany, about a month have passed after the voting and until now some of the winners of that election were still not named. She added that Gov. Cuomo made a decision to pre-pay postage for the ballots, and what it meant was the Post Office failed to place a postage stamp that took note of the date of the ballots. McEnany uttered that for about a month, they have been gathering ballots without a postmark date. She continued, saying that as of the moment they have discovered that in Queens, around 19 percent of the ballots were rejected and 28 percent of the ballots in Brooklyn have been rejected as well.

On Monday, July 27, the counting of the preliminary election ballots has finally been finished by the New York State Board of Elections, which took nearly five weeks after the June 23 Election Day.

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