There will be no wars to fight according to the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un after he emphasized in his speech that its country's arsenal guarantees its safety.

In his speech, Kim mentioned that their reliable and effective self-defensive nuclear deterrent ensures everyone that there will be no war especially for his countryst. He stated that their future will be secured forever, based on North Korea's Korean Central News Agency report on Tuesday, Reuters stated. 

On July 21, the dictators of the hermit kingdom spoke to a group of veterans on the 67th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War. Kim also shared in his speech that the nuclear weapons allowed their country to defend itself against any high pressure and war threats coming from imperialists and hostile forces.

For many years of pursuing perfection in its nuclear weapons, Kim is always saying that what they are making are purely for defensive purpose and meant to deter attempts of invasion and regime change, CNN reported.

But according to political experts, nuclear weapons will just encourage Pyongyang, which will Kim's regime to adopt more hostile policies in order to discourage their adversaries.

Comments of Kim on Monday envelopes a strong message that they are not giving up on their nuclear program regardless of the reason as they view this weapon as a key to their own survival as a nation.

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According to 9News, the speech of Kim is timely for his fellow countrymen as it came on one of the most important holidays in North Korea, the 'Korean people's victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War's anniversary, it is how North Korea refers to the Korean War.

According to most historians, they agree that the invasion to the South attempting to reunify the Korean Peninsula by force led by Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of the current North Korean leader is the beginning of the war. However, North Korea teaches its people that the war began when South Korea and the United States marched on the North, and that is where Pyongyang won the war because of Kim Il Sung's leadership.

Technically, until Today the conflict is ongoing as both parties only signed a truce on July 27, 1953 and not a treaty. It led to a cessation of hostilities but settled little else. Decades past, but North Korea has warned its people that the invasion can happen anytime. Despite the conflict already faded for the United States.

During a summit in June 2018 in Singapore, a breakthrough for both sides could happen as both of the leaders attended it however, nuclear talks are still absent for both leaders as it failed to make any big progress.

While the North Korean hinted that they are again open to another summit between the two leaders, earlier this month, Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader's sister said that the United States needs to adapt to the new negotiating strategy if NorthKorea were to agree to a meeting in the future.

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