A photo has been going around online that shows United States President Donald Trump embracing and kissing arrested and now deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in the back seat of a car.

Real photo?

The photograph was found to have been edited of an old image of the US president holding and kissing his daughter, Ivanka Trump, who at the time of picture was 13 years old.

According to Snopes, the image would fool an individual at first glance, but upon closer inspection, several oddities could be seen showing the photo's modifications.

The first thing people would notice is that Epstein's head is disproportionate to his body, and a lock of hair could be found on the side of his head, which has no discernable origins.

The original image of father and daughter Trump was acquired from Getty Images and came from some time in 1995, where the two were riding inside their limousine while in Paris.

Despite the photo of Trump kissing Epstein being fake, the two have previously been pictured together on several occasions. At times, the events included Epstein's longtime confidant and now accused of involvement in sex trafficking, Ghislaine Maxwell and Trump's wife, Melania Trump.

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Maxwell's case

Maxwell has been charged with enticing young girls for Epstein to divulge in his sex trafficking empire, as reported by AP News.

The accused woman's lawyers have requested the judge in charge of her case for a gag order that would deny prosecutors and attorneys of witnesses from expressing public opinions regarding the accusations of her involvement with Epstein's crimes.

In a legal filing, Maxwell's lawyers stated that federal prosecutors and witness attorneys have frequently made prejudicial comments to a fair trial. The 58-year-old woman has pleaded not guilty to the charges placed on her.

Judge Alison Nathan has not yet decided on the gag order request, which lawyers filed on Tuesday in Manhattan's District Court. Last week, Judge Nathan ordered Maxwell to be placed in prison without bail and will wait for a trial scheduled for next year.

The filing wrote that lawyers on the side of Maxwell's opposition would take advantage of any opportunity to damage the defense's chances for a fair trial.

The filing also comes after United States President Donald Trump, who was formerly friends with Epstein, expressed his hopes that Maxwell is in good health when asked about his opinion of her case, as reported by CNBC.

A US attorney spokesman for New York's southern district, one of Maxwell's prosecutors, refused to give a comment.

Maxwell's case was thought to have ended when Epstein died in prison in what was ruled to be suicide by hanging during August of last year. He was held without bail for charges of sex trafficking children and abusing dozens of underage girls.

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