Do you love driving? Exploring the outdoors or simply cruising along an open highway? All those people who have been spending time on their vehicles (repair, upgrade, etc)  know the importance of keeping it maintained and always ready for that next adventure.

Certain tools should always be found in the boot of your car. The most common of which is a car jack and a lug wrench that are essential for changing a tire in the case of a puncture. But what about other tools such as a tire inflator? How important or beneficial can they really be to warrant that space in your trunk?

The Benefits Of Owning A Tire Inflator

If you are an owner of a truck or any other 4x4 vehicle and find yourself constantly on roads less traveled having a tire inflator on hand can be a godsend in many situations. So let us take a look at what benefits a tire inflator provides and whether it is worth owning?

  1. Tire inflators can measure the PSI level of any tire

  2. If the PSI reading is off you can inflate or deflate the tire on the spot without having to wear the tire down further in search of a tire station

  3. Maintaining the right PSI levels in your tire results in better gas mileage and an altogether more comfortable ride

  4. You can also take on different surfaces such as sand, snow, and gravel by adjusting PSI levels using a tire inflator (great for those who love driving off-road)

  5. Apart from just your vehicle tires, you can also use this inflator to pump air into a football or basketball and even to blow up balloons for that upcoming party!

How To Maintain PSI Levels In Your Car Tires?

In short, owning a tire inflator results in better mileage, longer-lasting tires, and a more comfortable ride. But how do you use one and can anybody do it?

Using a tire inflator is easy once you get the hang of it. There are essentially three pressure ratings that help determine how the inflator should be used.

Any tire inflator whether digital or analog will clearly display the current PSI level of your tires. This reading should then be compared to the standard PSI levels of your tire and vehicle type. 

Once you know the appropriate PSI levels for your set of tires you can then go ahead and use your tire inflator to pump in or let out air pressure to get to the desired level or reading.

Top rated tire inflator come with pressure gauges that help you measure the current tire pressure quickly and effectively to avoid punctures, wheel damage, and even accidents. 

The tire inflator is the perfect tool to have in your car and can come especially handy on road trips and even during daily commutes. By maintaining the right PSI levels in your car tires you can ensure better road safety and greater use out of those expensive wheels.

Tire inflators are affordable and come in compact sizes making them easy to store and easy to use. This makes them the perfect tool to ensure that your tires have the most optimum tire pressure for any road condition.