Over a week after the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and his 13-year old daughter Gianna, reports have circulated around social media that Kobe's widow Vanessa Bryant took her own life. The reports circulating around the internet are not true and are entirely made up.

The video shared and is circulating has claimed to be associated with BBC News. The video's thumbnail included a photo of Vanessa with the words, R.I.P (Rest in Peace) with the BBC logo. In the video it was purported that Kobe's widow had trouble overcoming grief and ended her own life while recording it on video.

The hoax news website shared a synopsis of Vanessa's life and upon clicking the video will directly ask you to share it with intentions for it to go viral.

Based on reports the news was designed to capitalize on the grief of the people due to the accident that killed the lives of 9 people aboard the helicopter in Calabasas, specifically Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna.

Social media followers and fans both of Vanessa and Kobe are outraged with the fake news circulating since many are still mourning and are still trying to move on from Kobe's demise.

People in have taken to twitter their confusion as to why some people would share and believe these hoaxes and give the maker the satisfaction of being a viral hit. Fans also expressed their wrath over the dis-respectfulness of the maker to the grieving widow.

The death of Kobe and Gianna was indeed a hard pill to swallow for Vanessa but she is still trying to honor their legacy.

Vanessa has taken it to Instagram to post video clips during Gigi's jersey retirement ceremony where the 13-year olds teachers and classmates decorated the Harbor Day School Gym with balloons and flowers that spelled out the Gianna's name and a number 2 for her jersey number.

Vanessa expressed in the post how she missed Gigi and how lucky she was to have spent 13 years waking up to her amazing smile.

The event was also graced by Gianna's teachers who had nothing but good things to say about Vanessa's late daughter.

In a separate post, Vanessa also expressed how much she misses her husband Kobe, who was also her best friend and the best dad for her daughters.

In a statement following the tragedy in January 26 that caused the death of the NBA Legend, Vanessa stated that aside from their own grief they are also devastated for the families of those who were aboard the helicopter with Kobe and Gianna.

As of the moment, Vanessa hasn't made a statement yet as to the video circulating about her alleged suicide and death.

However, it is stressed that despite the tragedy that she and her family had to face over the past week, Vanessa Bryant did not take her on life and the website that uploaded the video simply wanted to capitalize and get attention from the mourning and grief of others.