Purchasing a new tankless gas water heater is an important decision that requires planning and analysis. The cost of a tankless gas water heater can vary drastically based on several factors:

●     Brand

●     Household water usage

●     Gas rates

●     Existing ventilation

Not every brand provides the same level of quality and support so you really have to do your research. You may find a quality brand that suits your needs in these tankless gas water heater reviews

If you've decided that your household would be better served by a tankless gas  water heater, this page offers a brief overview of the costs you can expect:

1. Tankless Gas Water Heater Pricing

On average, expect to spend between $500 - $1200for a quality tankless gas water heater. The more costly the unit, the higher the life expectancy and warranty coverage you can expect. 

2. Top Tankless Gas Water Heater Brands

The following brands are considered the most reliable and most popular manufacturers of tankless gas water heaters. You can find these brands at most department stores, home appliance store chains (eg Lowe's, Home Depot), as well as through individual distributors and Amazon.

Be sure to visit each for further details about their company history, policies, and warranty coverage.


●     Founded 1925

●     Manufacturer of commercial and residential water heaters, HVAC systems and Boilers

●     Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

●     Energy Star rated products for high efficiency

●     Warranty coverage 


●     Manufacturer of residential and commercial tankless water heaters

●     Limited lifetime warranty coverage

●     patented self-modulating technology

●     ETL Certified to UL-499 standards for safety

●     Ultra-low NOx design to reduce the carbon footprint


●     Founded 1920 

●     Japanese multinational manufacturer of gas appliances

●     high efficiency and super high-efficiency units

●     ISO-9001 and ISO-9004 compliant for manufacturing quality 


●     Founded 2004

●     US Manufacturer of indoor/outdoor, natural gas/liquid propane water heaters for residential use

●     Energy-efficient water heaters

●     Limited warranty coverage for replacement parts (90 days)

3. Tankless Gas Water Heater Installation Cost

●     Range: $600 - $1500

Installing a tankless gas water heater may require special category III piping and additional renovations to your home. It's best to hire a professional who can ensure your water heater is installed safely and properly to prevent safety hazards.

Installation can take anywhere from 2 - 4hrs. The cost ranges between $600 - $1500 

You may find this YouTube video helpful: How To Install A tankless gas  Water Heater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ-9JqmiH40

4. Tankless Gas Water Heater Energy Savings

A tankless gas water heater is designed to be highly energy-efficient. Their reliance on gas means less electricity is required to operate them. Ventilation and combustion technology have a huge impact on the efficiency of your unit, but the water usage in your household will also play a significant role in your energy costs.

Water Heater Type

Avg Annual Energy Savings

Avg Product Life Expectancy

Energy Savings Over Lifetime

Storage Tank

10% - 20%

8 - 10 yrs

up to $500

Tankless (Gas/Electric)

24% - 34%

up to 20 yrs

up to $1800

Generally, natural gas rates are lower than electricity rates, but they can vary depending on the season, level of supply, and demand. Depending on gas rates in your area, you can save between 24% - 34% on your energy bill annually with a tankless gas water heater. If your household hot water usage is higher than average (more than 41 gallons/day) you can expect to reduce your energy bill by 8% - 14%.

5. Tankless Gas Water Heater Annual Operating Costs

Depending on the size and efficiency rating, a quality tankless gas water heater costs between $200 - $600 annually, after installation.

Maintenance And Repair Costs

●     Range: $400 - $2500

●     Avg Cost:$1400

 tankless gas water heaters are built to the highest quality and safety standards for durability and longevity. Many are self-modulating and include digital features that adjust output as needed for maximum efficiency and safety. Maintenance is very minimal, but repairs and replacement parts will be necessary as your tankless gas water heater ages.

On average, the life expectancy of a quality tankless gas water heater is between 10 - 12 years. With proper use and routine maintenance, however, you can extend the life of your tankless gas water heater to 20 years.

A damaged pilot light, malfunctioning burners, corroded/leaking piping or obstructed ventilation are some of the issues you may experience once your tankless gas water heater is installed and running.

Repairs to your unit are best handled by a professional or licensed dealer. Check your user manual and be sure to register your water heater for warranty coverage.