Hair products, like most beauty items, tend to come with a long list of ingredients - and it's time to start reviewing that list a lot more closely. Spoiler alert: if a product has ingredients you can't pronounce, then it's probably not very good for you. 

Thankfully, there are different shampoos and conditioners on the market like the newest hair care products from Grown Alchemist that are packed with nourishing and natural ingredients. 

Grown Alchemist's strengthening shampoo, for one, is made with hydrolyzed bao-bab protein, calendula, and eclipta alba. These are natural ingredients that promote hair growth and hydration and protect your locks from chemicals and heat damage.

It's important to know which ingredients keep your hair healthy, and which you should be avoiding. These chemicals and irritants can lead to hair loss and long term health effects:


Alcohol is in a lot of products like shampoos, styling gels, and sprays. Isopropyl alcohol is what helps these products hold your hair in place, but it also removes its oils and strips it of moisture - and a hydrated 'do is important. 

When isopropyl alcohol strips oil from your hair, it leaves it dry and brittle - which no one wants. It's better to avoid this ingredient, considering that, according to Livestrong, inhaling the chemical can also lead to dizziness, nausea, headaches and more. 


This group of chemicals is commonly used in beauty products like makeup and hair care. If you see methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, or ethylparaben on a shampoo's list of ingredients, that means it contains parabens. 

According to StyleCaster, parabens can lead to an irritated scalp, faded color, hair loss, and dryness. StyleCaster also reported on studies that showed that some of these chemicals have been found in breast tumors - this is chalked up to the fact that some parabens can imitate the activity of estrogen. 


There is a reason why brands sell fragrance-free products. The ingredient's compounds are carcinogenic - in other words, they are toxic. Fragrances are commonly used in shampoos as well as other skincare products. 


The two glycols that are typically used in these products are Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol. 

Propylene Glycol: This ingredient is the leading cause of scalp irritation as it breaks down the healthy proteins in your locks and its cellular structure - all under the guise of leaving your hair shiny. This ingredient may look like it's good for your hair, but it's not. This chemical is commonly used in hair dyes, gels, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners. 

Polyethylene Glycol: This chemical is used to deep clean ovens, so you can be sure that it's not good to use on yourself. This is a harsh chemical that should be avoided.