President Donald Trump just said that he will support the plan of the US government to lessen the legal immigration to the country as well as to reduce the number of green cards to extended members of the family. With this, the government will be creating a system which will be based on skills and merits instead of family ties.

In this new report and policy by the US government, President Trump said that this will be helpful in reforming the immigration system of the country in a half a century. With this, it will be expected that the number of green cards will be reduced by half.

According to Telegraph, this measure was proposed by Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia which will see the change in the 1965 law. If this will be pushed through, the number of legal immigrants will be reduced and this will also limit the number of people who will be able to obtain green cards to join their families in the said country.

If President Donald Trump will be successful in having this fully implemented, the number of refugees will also be slashed in half. Moreover, this will also remove the program which provides visas to nations having a lesser number of immigration.

One of the proponents, Mr. Cotton said that this bill will increase the number of green cards which will be made available to competitive and high-skilled workers. But, they also assured that this will not affect the other high-skilled worker visa programs like the H1-B and H2-B visas.

The policy was introduced last Wednesday by senior White House adviser, Stephen Miller. He also said that when it comes to US immigration system, the most important thing the government needs to deal with is the person who will be given a green card. The said White House official also added that the green card functions as the golden ticket of the US immigration which President Trump wants to secure and protect.