Want an unforgettable ride? Grab was reported to collaborate with Tinder in able to give people a ride of a lifetime. People were then chosen for the “Meet Your Match” campaign to share a ride with notable personalities. That is if their swipe right is lucky enough to find their match.

According to CNBC, Grab aims at a new promotional campaign that will feature “top social media influencers, from models to YouTube stars.” Vice President of Marketing for Grab, Cheryl Goh then mentioned that this new marketing campaign will let their customers have a new experience with Grab.

Launching across five Southeast Asian countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia the Grab had given the instructions for the “Meet Your Match” campaign. With opening the Grab app, tapping the Tinder fiery pink icon, entering pickup and drop-off location, lucky people would be chosen to participate.

What’s more is that aside from sharing a ride with the personalities, people chosen were also given the chance to spend an entire day with the TV persona. Malay Mail Online then noted that among the personalities in the “Meet Your Match” campaign in Malaysia consisted of Sarah Lian, Jin Lim, Melissa Tan, Yvonne Lee, Dennis Yin, Peter Davis, Venice Min, Kit Mah and Jazel Lim.

"Tinder is a platform for meeting new people," VP of Global Partnerships at Tinder, David Wyler stated. "We wanted to provide an opportunity for our users to connect with some of their favorite social media stars and still get to their next meeting on time."

Yet, whether the same instructions vary depending on the country wasn’t specified. Also, the “Meet Your Match” campaign is a limited time offer. Terms and conditions apply which could be read on Grab’s official website.

The “Meet Your Match” campaign had started last March 24 in Malaysia and is said to roll out in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Yet, no dates have been released.