Trump’s recent travel ban didn’t quite receive very positive comments from the citizens of America. What’s more is that Hawaii and other states join forces as they oppose the executive order. Yet, Trump issued a revised travel ban order in which the states who participate in the legal effort call Trump’s ban as a Muslim ban instead.

According to Koin, the move against Trump’s travel ban had started with Hawaii. Washington and New York further asked to join the legal effort to block the order. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey then asked to participate as well in challenging the revised travel ban as well. The same goes for Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin stated that they strongly oppose the ban due to Hawaii’s culture and dependency on tourism. He also said that the executive order would harm the country’s Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.

KSHB then noted that Trump’s travel ban executive order had been revised last Monday. The new travel ban then noted that foreign nationals from six Muslim-majority are banned from entering the U.S. Instead of the seven-nation ban: Somalia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen.

It was also mentioned that the President had excluded green card holders and those people with existing visas from the new order. The new executive order also stated to prohibit the aforementioned foreign nationals for 90 days and all refugees for 120 days from entering the country.

With that said, Washington and Minnesota identified that their plea for the suspension of Trump’s travel ban should include the new order as well. Hence, "This is not a new lawsuit -- we're saying that underlying injunction is still under effect on core provisions (of the executive order)" Attorney General Bob Ferguson strongly explained.

Ferguson then noted how the seven nation ban changed into just a six-nation ban excluding Iraq which was originally included in the first order. "The language is virtually identical. ...This is effectively a Muslim ban" Ferguson added. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman also said that the executive order is just “a Muslim ban by another name.”

Yet, last Thursday, Sean Spicer had commented that they are going forward with the travel ban. He then added that the executive order is consistent with the federal law and they are confident with its input and process.