Pablo Escobar's 1980s haven in Miami was demolished on Tuesday. The pink mansion was confiscated by the United States government in 1987 and was purchased privately in 1990. Facing the ocean, the mansion symbolizes the era of drug trade in Miami Beach, according to the Associated Press. 

Christian de Berdouare of Chicken Kitchen bought the mansion in 2014 for $9.65 million and was the one in charge of having it demolished. "I'm very excited to see the house of the devil disappearing right before our eyes," de Berdouare said, according to Fox News Latino.

"This was the biggest criminal in the history of the world. I would like to be associated with something more uplifting, but nevertheless, it is a part of the city," he added.

Escobar bought his mansion during his rise as one of the richest drug lords in the world. The mansion has a total of four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a pool. He smuggled drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, into the United States which contributed to his millions.

Supervisor James Shedd of the DEA recalled the bloodshed during the period of drug wars. "There were so many murders at one time in what was then Dade County, that the morgue had to go hire freezer trucks from Burger King to put all the bodies in," Shedd said, according to CBS Miami.    

The new owners are planning to build a bigger and more modern home in the area of Escobar's former mansion.