Finally the Apple Online Store and iCloud service are back after an overnight outage.

Apple users flailed to gain access to the product site as the Apple Online Store went down past midnight, around 12:10am Eastern Time/9:10PM Pacific Time.

Many of the Apple users were unable to reach the page showing the message, "Apple busy in updating its store and will be back shortly."

No specific reason has been given by pple for the outage as of now. Well the Apple Online Store going down has become a usual trend and strangely it happens right before a product launch.

Apple has nothing planned within the next week. However, the iPhone manufacturer will be unveiling new iPads later this month, reports CNet. The event still requires an official confirmation on Apple's end.

Many of the rumors also suggest that the online store was shut for an update of Apple products and prices  and fixing small glitches, reveals a post on the technologytell.

The Apple page was showing a blue icon a couple of hours later signaling that the online store was going through its scheduled maintenance. Alongside the online store the Apple users were also not able to access the iCloud servers. Apple had put up a short message on its iCloud page about the shut down .The service resumed in the morning after the overnight outage.

In August Apple users faced similar issues with Photo stream, iMessage and iPhoto Journals as the iCloud server was down for quite some time, reports appleinsider.