Crying. We all do it, says Shareably. We do it when we are happy and we do it when we are sad. Then there is the frustrated cry, the exhausted cry... humans are just crybabies. But what about our animals? They do show those emotions differently than humans, but can they cry? Can they shed real tears with their emotions?

See the video and you be the judge. This sweet dog thought she had lost her puppies, and we all know a mother's maternal instinct is to protect and serve her litter. They raise those little rascals no matter how much it takes out of them physically and emotionally. When this mother is reunited with her little squirmy puppies who she thought she would never see again, she cries real tears - one by one they trail down her sweet face.

There are naysayers, like One Green Planet, who says that dogs can not cry and that the tears are a result of a blocked duct. One Green Planet suggests taking your dog to the vet if tears are coming from his or her eyes.

What do you think?