In this case, the bigger the dog, the bigger the heart.

From the outside, Snickles the dog may look as aggressive as they come, but deep inside, he's really just a puppy with a huge heart. In this YouTube video, he shows his gentle, loving side when his favorite human, his grandma, comes to see him.

"Normally he visits her, but today she surprised him by coming to his house. He was so happy to see her," his owner wrote on YouTube, according to Little Things.

Snickles was found by his family abandoned in a box on a very busy street. He was only about four weeks old then. It did not take long before the abandoned puppy eventually started growing into the huge, loving dog that he is today.

"He was abandoned in a box on a very busy street when he was 4-weeks-old. We never realized how big he would get, or how much we would gain, when we took him home," his owner said.

The big puppy is so gentle when he interacts with the elderly woman, as he carefully places his paws on the couch and as he showers her with a large number of doggie kisses. Grandma seems to adore Snickles a lot too, as shown by the way she gently brushes his fur with her fingers.

It doesn't really get any sweeter than this.

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Check out the heartwarming video below.