Actress Roma Maffia is coming to NCIS, according to

The former "Nip/Tuck" star is set to appear in a future episode, playing a veteran special agent named Vera Strickland.

"Roma Maffia is a wonderful actress who fits this role perfectly," executive producer Gary Glasberg said in an interview with the website. "Considered 'one of the boys,' her character goes all the way back to NIS and Mike Franks [guest star Muse Watson]. We couldn't be happier to have Roma for this very fun episode.

Although the eleventh season of NCIS airs in September, Maffia’s appearance will come in an episode slated for October.

The 55-year old actress is currently has a recurring role as “Detective Linda Tanner” on ABC Family’s "Pretty Little Liars."

Glassberg also recently spoke about the departure of Cote de Pablo. It was made public earlier this year that de Pablo would be leaving the show.

”I literally had to lock myself away and everything I was planning on had to be blown out and I had to start all over again,” Glasberg told Entertainment Weekly, discussing the news which came after plans for the season had already begun. “Again, it’s not what we had hoped for. This family — this NCIS family that exists between [the characters] — is so special and so unique, and this was Cote’s decision and we have to respect that … but some really fantastic work is going to come out of what occurred. We have some really terrific stuff planned for the year.”

Ziva will be a focal point in the second episode of Season 11.

“I promise the viewers will not be disappointed — especially the Tiva fans, as we say. I hope it’s everything they want it to be,” the EP continued.

Season 11 of NCIS will premiere Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. EDT.