Ice T's wife Coco is sharing her secret for how she maintains her backside. Coco Austin, who is known for her curvy body, posted a fitness video of her working on her core and toning her butt. In the video, uploaded on YouTube, she is seen on a machine called the React machine, the Daily Mail reports.

She describes the machine as a "surfboard action" simulation but it will definitely get pulses racing for more reasons than one. In the video Coco is seen with her feet firmly planted as she swirls on the machine, sometimes having to hold on the rails for support.

"For all you guys that think I don't work out my booty, this is the killer machine. This is how you kill your booty and make it rounder. Tone it up girls, tone it up," she said into the camera before cranking it up to full speed.

According to the "Ice Loves Coco" star one minute on the machine is all a person needs to begin their booty-sculpting process. The super sexy video has definitely got some people talking and Twitter wouldn't even let her share it with her followers unless they signed into their YouTube accounts.

The 34-year-old has never shied away from revealing her curves. She is currently in Las Vegas for "PeepShow," a strip tease where she plays Bo Peep. Coco took over the role after Playboy Playmate Holly Madison took a break to have her daughter, Rainbow.

The model has kept a pretty low profile since the alleged cheating scandal involving rapper AP.9. The Las Vegas rapper claimed to have naked photos and a sex tape wit Coco but her friends quickly shut to rumors down, Radar Online reports.

"Coco was not in a hotel room with AP.9," the source told the website. "She did not pose for naked pictures with him and she did not film a sex tape. That's ridiculous."

After some photos surfaced online Ice-T went on a twitter rant about the allegations but the friend insists the 34-year-old never went back to the guy's hotel room. Coco has been quiet about the allegations but she post a photo on her Instagram account recently of her and Ice-T out on a date night. The couple has also been photographed enjoying some time in Vegas, hitting the gym and shopping.