With over 45 million Facebook likes and 30 million followers on Twitter, Taylor Swift has a huge fan base that is now making headlines for being super protective of the country megastar.

According to new reports, Lex Houser and Andi Cross, the 26-year-old owners of Bad Kids Clothing, received death threats from angry Swifties after posting a picture on Instagram of a new tank listing the singer's rumored ex-boyfriends.

The tee, which reads "Jonas & Till & Lautner & Mayer & Gyllenhaal & Redmayne & Efron & Kennedy & Styles," caused fans to launch a social media attack.

"I took down the picture, I don't really care," Houser told Fashionista.com, "And then they kept going. It got worse and worse."

"Finally I just responded to one and I was like 'It's gone, what do you want?' And they were like, 'Oh, you think just because it's gone that this is over? Just wait until you see what happens to you."

Despite the drama, Houser and Cross insist that production of the $20 tee will continue. 

"Andi and I both had a history of being cyber bullied growing up, and these kids are thinking if they just tell us that they're going to kill us and that 30 million people are going to attack us, that we would just do what they said," Houser said.

The ladies' response is completely opposite to that of popular brand Abercrombie & Fitch, which just last month removed a tee that read "More boyfriends than T.S.," after fans launched a similar attack and created a petition on Change.org.

"That's what all these girls are saying, 'We took Abercrombie down in three hours, obviously we're going to take you down because we've never even heard of you!'" Houser said. "And I'm just thinking to myself, that's why you're not going to take us down, because we don't have to. Abercrombie has to because you're their demographic, but you're not ours and we're not this ginormous company so we don't have to follow any protocol so we're leaving it up."

The shirt is still up for sale on the site and Houser and Cross are saving every text and email they receive, incase they have to report anything to authorities.