As the press continue their seemingly never-ending campout outside the Lindo wing at St. Mary's Hospital in London, the Duchess of Cambridge is relaxing during her final days of pregnancy, expected to give birth to the royal baby any day now. But on what day exactly, and was her alleged due date meant to throw the public off? The Duke of Cornwall, Prince Charles, gave some hints during a recent interview with E! News.

Soon-to-be grandmother Carole Middleton reportedly expects the baby to arrive on July 22, though the royals have kept rather hush about the date which was originally believed to be July 13.

Despite loyally fulfilling all of his royal and civil duties, Prince William reportedly desires privacy for his new family, especially after a childhood of being in the spotlight.

"Privacy is key for Prince William as he saw the way his mother, Princess Diana, suffered at the hands of the paparazzi, and he wants to make sure this does not happen to his wife or his own children," Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty Magazine, told Reuters recently.

Which begs the question: did the royals leak a false due date to the public to ensure their privacy?

It's possible, as while sister Pippa Middleton attended high profile weddings and Prince William played in polo matches for charity this weekend, Kate Middleton is currently relaxing at her parent's home in Bucklebury while temperatures soar to record-breaking highs in London.

"It was just too warm in Nott Cott," an insider told US Weekly. "She decided to spend the weekend with mum and dad. Much more comfortable."

And while the world waits excitedly for Baby Cambridge, Prince Charles spoke to E! News about the highly anticipated newborn while visiting the seaside town of Brude.

"You have got one of these coming soon," a woman carrying her own baby said, to which he replied, "Hopefully."

"We are all just waiting by the telephone," said the Duchess of Cornwall in an impromptu speech. "We are hopeful that by the end of the week he or she will be here."

Meanwhile, the Duchess is "nervous" yet "excited" to meet the future heir to the throne, as she plans to give birth naturally barring all complications, just as her late mother-in-law Princess Diana did.