LG's targeted ads on phones from Apple, Samsung and others are starting to erupt as the company looks to promote the 2014 flagship G3 smartphone.  

The best way to win a customer is by offering what others don't. LG knows that and has started attracting users of Apple, Samsung and HTC smartphones by showing what their phones are missing. The Korean tech giant's unique marketing strategy originated in October last year, as a part of its G2 promotion. The ad campaign mocks owners of rival smartphones for sluggish processor speeds, small screens and poor battery.

According to Mashable, LG is currently running its ad campaign in Norway and teases iPhone, Samsung and HTC users about the comparatively poor battery life. These ads are developed by Stockholm-based M&C Saatchi, the same PR agency that started off the campaign last year. When users connect to Norwegian Air's Wi-Fi network, they will see the ads from LG promoting its current flagship, the G3, just before activating their devices.

The ads target the three most popular smartphones and send related ads to different devices. This year's ads target only the battery life on rival smartphones, whereas last year LG compared the processors and screen sizes. Targeted ads from last year are listed below.

"Waiting for Galaxy to catch up? Get the LG G2 with 20% faster processor," the ad on a Galaxy S4 read.

"Tired of charging your HTC One? Get the LG G2 with 30% longer battery life," the ad on HTC One read.

"Hard to read this on your iPhone? Get the LG G2 with a 5.2-inch FHD IPS display," the ad for iPhone 5S read.

LG hasn't revealed if these ads have worked in its favor to attract new consumers. But the results could be minimal considering the ads were available only in Scandinavian countries.

LG comparison of battery life in its new ads comes after it added a 3,000mAh battery and replaced the metal in the cathode with graphite to boost efficiency. This technology has not been integrated by other smartphone makers. Apple's iPhone 5S battery is expected to last about 10 hours and Samsung's Galaxy S5 runs between six to eight hours, while LG G3's test by PC Mag showed more than 20 hours of battery life.