LG has a new marketing strategy to attract new customers by proudly comparing the features that users are missing out on by choosing Samsung, Apple or HTC smartphones over the G2 smartphone.

LG believes in a more direct approach and has proved it in every inch of its latest advertisement methods. The third largest smartphone maker in the world, LG Electronics, is willing to bend over backwards to push the sales of its G2 smartphone. The latest customized advertisement by LG not only promotes its flagship smartphone but also highlights the features that other smartphones lack.

LG has chosen mobile adverts to promote its G2 smartphone. The South Korean manufacturer has customized ads for different smartphones criticizing Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The mobile ads appear on the web browsers of three leading smartphones. These ads are capable of recognizing the model of the device and display related advertisement.

On an iPhone 5S, users are asked if the screen is too small to read the text and advised a change to G2. "Hard to read this on your iPhone?" the ad reads on iPhone 5S, further suggesting to "Get the LG G2 with a 5.2-inch FHD IPS display."

Alongside Apple, Samsung and HTC are also targeted with LG customized ads. On a Samsung Galaxy S4, LG compares the processors and similarly on HTC One, the battery life is talked about.

"Waiting for Galaxy to catch up? Get the LG G2 with 20% faster processor," the ad on a Galaxy S4 reads.

"Tired of charging your HTC One? Get the LG G2 with 30% longer battery life," the ad on HTC One reads.

The customized advertisements are shown only in Scandinavian countries as of now, and it is not clear when it will hit the users in other countries, according to Adage.com. These ads are developed by PR agency M&M Saatchi.