Rihanna was spotted in Hollywood Hills on Apr. 7 posing for pictures as part of a photo shoot for a French magazine, TMZ reports. The 26-year-old singer was wearing a pale pink bikini top and nothing else. The "Stay" singer decided not to wear bikini bottoms as she posed - on all fours - for the camera.

It's not clear what magazine the racy photo shoot was for. Recently there were rumors that she was pregnant with her first child and the alleged baby's father was either Drake or Chris Brown. Judging by the photo shoot, it's safe to say that Rih is not expecting a baby anytime soon.

The rumor was started by Media Take Out who claims that a source revealed that people close to Rihanna thinks she could be pregnant because she decided to stop smoking weed and drinking alcohol. The source said that the singer refused to go to one of Drake's after parties because there would be "too much alcohol and weed smoke." Instead she reportedly hung out in her hotel room.

"The most interesting part of this story is - assuming Rihanna is pregnant - whose baby is it? While it seems like it should be Drake's... we can tell you with 100% facts that Rihanna visited Chris Brown while he was in rehab," MTO reports, alleging that the two slept together.

A source told Hollywood Life that there was absolutely no truth to the pregnancy rumor.

"Motherhood is the last thing on her mind these days, like the last!" the source said. "She's not in a serious enough relationship to even discuss, let alone think about having a child. Sorry, that's not the case."

 Rihanna and Drake, who are said to be dating again, were recently spotted partying together at The Supper Club in Hollywood.

You can check out Rihanna's photo shoot pictures here. WARNING: Pictures are NSFW.