There was a rumor going around the Internet that Warner Bros. was going to unveil Ben Affleck's new Batsuit by the end of February. The scoop came Mark Hughes, a film blogger for Forbes. On Feb. 11 he announced the news on Twitter writing: "Okay, fans, get ready, a bat-suit & WW reveal seems to be imminent, as in possibly days away."

"The delay in start of filming might push it back a tad, but I'm hearing it may drop as originally planned in next 10 to 12 days," he added.

Of course this was great news to comic book fans. There has been so much talk and rumors about the new costume that fans can't wait to get a glimpse of it. Kevin Smith, Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon have all seen Affleck in the suit and have hinted numerous times that new Batsuit is going to be pretty awesome.

"I instantly bear hugged [Zack Snyder]," Smith said on his podcast, Fatman on Batman. "You have not seen this costume in a movie or film before, and for a comic book fan, it was mind bending."  

"I've seen the suit. The suit is unbelievably cool. It's a total reinvention. It looks great," Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner told Entertainment Tonight.

Damon simply said the suit was "excellent."  

Sadly, Batman fans will have to wait to a little longer than expected to see to the cape and cowl. On Feb. 14, Hughes tweeted "FYI I'm hearing the bat-suit reveal is likely pushed back a bit due to the delay in filming. That's not confirmed, but I trust the info..."

He said that he believes the studio will wait until March to release a photo but added "The upside is, the reveal sounds like it'll be bigger & cooler than previously thought!"

Are you excited to see Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit?