The US is on edge as claims of Chinese hypersonic missiles were reported. It was not expected that Beijing would bet the Americans to the gun. This gives a heads up to the US government that China is now dangerous and has something up its sleeves.

New Chinese technology could be unstoppable threat to US defenses

It is disturbing news that China has these weapons, like Russia, that US developers are working as fast as possible.

A new arms race will be the deadliest device to be developed by any nation, almost unstoppable if it reaches terminal velocity.

As the premier western power for many years, the USA has always been confident of its deterrence. Recent claims that the PLA has a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) fitted with nukes that can zoom past the US defenses could mean inevitable defeat, reported the Express UK.

Last August, the Chinese military launched the missile into a low earth orbit trajectory, and it circled once, then sped to its target, cited the Al Jazeera last Saturday.

However, it missed its target by 24 miles when it sped down. Also, the paper said the Chinese have entirely advanced this technology. A cluster of hypersonic missiles could be programmed to arc to the southern poles and rain down to bypass established missile deterrents.

China denies allegations, says it was a space vehicle routine test

The Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian dismissed the commotion America was raising. He said it was just a space vehicle test meant for reusability, not a Chinese hypersonic missile, noted South China Morning Post.

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Taylor Fravel, an expert with knowledge about Chinese nuclear weapons policy, reveals that the hyper-glide vehicle carrying the warhead will make the US defense system stall and be rendered useless.

He added it is similar to other systems that were getting developed by private firms. Zhao states that China will be working with others to peacefully use space to help humankind in Monday's new brief.

According to Li Nan, a Chinese security and military expert based at the National University of Singapore, the hypersonic glide vehicle is essential for Beijing. 

Dr. Li made it clear that one of them would take apart US missile defenses and leave them open.

The US will find it hard to kill the weapon, and more defenses would be so expensive to make. All the new capabilities to defeat a Chinese HGV would take more time and money.

One thought is the missile test of President Xi Jinping is a demonstration of his intent to get weapons to stop American aggression, which is intent on stopping China from getting Taiwan.

US President Joe Biden has pressed ahead with plans to develop a new anti-missile warhead for stopping the weapons from reaching the US. But expenses for developing it will be a lot and won't come cheap, with Beijing way of the US.

But the Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby states that China is the main challenge. The Chinese hypersonic missile is the gravest threat that can render the US powerless to stop it.

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