China accomplished the launch of a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) that demonstrated the Asian superpower's ability to develop high technology like Mach 5+ missiles. After Biden threatened China over moves against Taiwan, Xi desisted but knows the US is not as capable now after losing in Afghanistan.

The HGV fired from China that orbited around the earth made the US realize that hypersonic technology gives the Asian superpower clout.

Beijing is lessening the technical gap between the two nations, which is close to near-peer competition.

China covertly tested hypersonic glide vehicle last August

When the hypersonic glide vehicle test was a success, it did skim the edge of space before reentry and racing to its target, reported the Sun UK.

Intelligence sources informed the Financial Times that it was launch in August but missed the target by 24 miles, armed by a nuke warhead.

US officials were surprised Beijing had been able to develop the technology this fast, making them startled. 

These missiles reach up to 1,500 miles faster than sonic speed, and Russia uses the same technology to make their own. A new arms race is on as Asian superpowers are betting on these weapons to compete on the world stage.

China researched weaponry by the nation's Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics, remarked an Asian national security official and a Chinese security specialist linked to the People's Liberation Army, noted UK Today News.

The China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology has mentioned several tests for some special projects, but the Chinese kept the August launch under the radar. China accomplished launch of hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) is a step forward to developing homegrown tech.

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Hypersonic glide vehicle could bypass US defenses

One source said that how China achieved the feat is not known. The HGV was sent upon a Long March Rocket, used for civilian space launches.

One expert, Taylor Fravel, specializing in the Chinese nuclear weapons policy, said the hypersonic glide vehicle armed with a nuke could bypass US defenses.

He added that the system is usually lower trajectory and adjustable in its dive attack, which is difficult to hit. Also, when it has been perfected, then China will be very dangerous. Two undisclosed people have said the HGV can reach the South pole. The US military's missile defenses are focused at the north polar passage, and it would be a great challenge for them.

John Kirby of the Pentagon did not directly comment, stating that Beijing concerns the US and the development of the before-mentioned weapons increases such tensions. He called it a threat to everything.

Instead, the Chinese embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu said the weapons developed by the mainland are for defensive purposes as its military police.

Liu added that China has no global planning like the US and stressed no interest in competing in an arms race that can be dangerous, but implied the US intentions should be explored.

US administrations don't want China to have the advantage of developing high technology, pointing to China as the problem to justify creating faster than sonic speed weapons for its own benefit.

Liu added it was the US who indirectly pushed the development of HGV weapons. When China launched hypersonic glide vehicles (HGV), the US used other countries to pressure China.

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