A man stabs his brother over an expensive Egyptian cotton pillowcase, their struggle seems absurd but sometimes emotion can run wild over premium pillowcases. Oddly, the accused,who is a university worker, get away with the crime he commited.

According to the prosecutors, 56-year-old Mark Oliver was involed in a row with his younger sibling Andrew, and he stabbed him twice. Other additional injuries were three knife wounds. The incident happened in their residence in Gosport, Hampshire, reported the Daily Mail.

Both brothers were staying with their mother when the fight happened. One would call the argument immature since it is merely a fight over a pillowcase. What was unusual is the ferocity of both siblings who are already over 50-years, yet still acting like teenagers.

Evidence of the stabbing consists of footage taken after the incident has been released recently. This was done after the Crown Prosecution Service gave their judgment on the case.

Jean Oliver, their mother spoke to the police about the deadly argument. She informed that those involved did not see the matter straight over freshly washed Egyptian cotton pillowcases. Both siblings fought over who it belonged to, and the courts characterized it as a non-sensical and trivial thing to fight over, cited Read Sector.

The unnecessary violence of the struggle lead to the death of father-of-two, Andrew, aged-53, who acquired fatal wounds inflicted by his older brother. 

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The accused, Mark, was apprehended by the police for the stabbing of his brother. Soon after, a trial that lasted for ten-days held at the Winchester Crown Court, Hampshire went on. After the ten-days and nine hours and 16 minutes of hearing the evidence of the case, the accused was judged not guilty of stabbing his brother to death, confirmed MEAWW.

In the footage that was taken by the officer's body-cameras, the accused with his bloody face was seen as officers asked questions. This was part of the evidence used by prosecutors during trial.

The surviving sibling said that it was not murder, but self-defense as his brother attacked him. He said that Andrew was going overboard, and it alarmed him. A knife was used in self-defense, the accused added.

Mrs. Oliver, 86, who stayed with them, remarked to the police that both men got their sheets and other things.

She added that it sounded absurd and foolish, that lately her son Andrew has been missing sheets.

According to her, the Egyptian pillowcase has been laundered and asked Mark if it was his. He said it is.

When the older brother took the sheets, the younger one said it was his. Ironically, she added it was the pillowcases not sheets.

Amanda Westcumb, their sister was taken aback by what happened and was bothered about the incident, telling the police that it was not usual.  

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