In the current conflict involving Qatar and the other four Arab nations, it was reported that these four countries are ready to tackle the dispute with Doha if the latter shows willingness. Just recently, the foreign ministers of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain met in Manama to discuss the said conflict and crisis.

According to the latest report, if Qatar will show interest to follow their demands which the four Arab nations set before, then they will be ready to tackle the disputes. Last June 5, the four countries just cut their ties with Qatar after accusing that the country has been supporting militant groups and global terrorism.

Apart from this, it was also reported on Reuters that Qatar allegedly is cozying up to Iran which some countries believe is the origin of militant groups. However, Doha denied all these allegations and said before that they will not follow the demands of the four Arab nations.

In order to resolve the disputes in the Gulf area, Kuwait, as well as the United States, offered ways to the point of sealing an agreement with Qatar. But their powers just failed to put an end to the dispute in which the four Arab states have stopped travel and communications with Qatar.

Previous reports were saying that the four Arab states presented four demands including the closure of the offices of Al-Jazeera networks and closing a Turkish military base. This time, it was acclaimed that these countries are ready for a dialogue with Qatar with the condition that the latter will announce its interest to respond to their 13 demands.

Apart from responding to their 13 demands, the four Arab nations also asked Qatar to stop its funding of terrorism and extremism. Despite this latest development, they have no new economic sanctions for Qatar.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir said that Qatar is not serious in tackling the demands they set before. With this, they expressed their willingness to talk with Qatar on the implementation of the demands and the principles. But this will only take place if Doha is serious.

Qatar also shared that the sanctions which the four Arab nations imposed were violating the international laws. According to the Gulf state, the meeting in Manama only resulted in a stubborn policy from obstructing countries.