Last Wednesday, a paparazzo was hit by the truck of Justin Bieber while the singer was leaving the church service. Latest reports confirmed that the said victim broke his silence and even had some words about the "Sorry" singer.

It was revealed that the paparazzo does not have any ill feeling about what happened as he mused in an Instagram video posted this Thursday. Photographer Maurice Lamont even joked about the incident saying that he gets ran by Justin Bieber hours before his birthday hits and that is already something for him.

According to E!News, the paparazzo added that Justin Bieber is a good kid and that the truck was just too big for him since he had no way the singer can see who or what was in front of him. But like what he shared in his post, Justin got out from the truck and attended immediately to him. This made him conclude that the singer was compassionate and that accidents really happen.

The said video which contained Lamont's feeling about the incident was recorded from a hospital when he was preparing for an X-ray. It can be recalled that Justin Bieber clipped the said paparazzo outside the Saban Theater after attending a service at the City Church in Beverly Hills, California. The singer was trying to escape a group of paparazzi when the accident happened.

The authorities also claimed that what happened was an accident and that Justin Bieber had no fault. The said mishap came after the singer announced that he canceled his remaining Purpose World Tour because of unforeseen circumstances.

It looks like Justin Bieber has a rough week which started with his shocking announcement regarding his tour. It turns out that as he is preparing to get some relaxation through a spiritual journey, these incidents may not be a good sign to start that.

However, unlike what others expected, Justin Bieber responded immediately to the paparazzo who was hit by his truck. He got out of his car and stayed with Lamont and waited for the paramedics to come. He even stayed on scene, cooperated with the authorities until he was released.