Justin Bieber just made a shocking announcement which pissed most of his fans by canceling the other 14 remaining "Purpose" tour dates. It was reported that the pop icon wants to take a break from his career and also cited unforeseen circumstances.

With the shocking announcement, it looks like Justin Bieber just removed the weight of the world off his shoulders and he is already looking forward to the thought of relaxation. However, even if it will be beneficial for him, TMZ reported that this cancellation led to the dismay of most of his fans.

Justin Bieber was spotted chilling near the beach in Santa Monica last Monday hours after he made the big announcement about his 14 remaining Purpose world tour dates. Many were quick to ask why the singer just suddenly pulled out and this should not be surprising anymore after being on the road for almost 2 years.

With this, Justin Bieber added that he is looking forward to just resting and getting some relaxation. But he was clearly aware that most of his fans were not happy about this and were pissed by the news. With this, he made a message for them and then insisted that his decision is not about betraying them.

It was reported that Justin Bieber already had 150 concerts on his worldwide "Purpose" tour and he just has had enough of this. After bailing on the remaining 14 dates of his stadium tour, reasons were finally revealed and it had something to do with unforeseen circumstances like what was mentioned on his official website.

After spending two years touring for his concerts across the globe, it bias reported that Justin Bieber was simply on the verge of exhaustion. It can be recalled that last March 2016, he started his worldwide tour and starting from there, he was on the road non-stop. It was said that he was biting off more than he could chew and now, is over it. This was the very reason why all of a sudden, he just canceled the rest of the tour dates.

Supposedly, Justin Bieber was due to start his tour back up on July 29 in Dallas and is even set to perform in huge venues which included Pasadena's Rose Bowl near Los Angeles and some big football stadiums. Lastly, it was reported that he is looking to take the longest break of his career perhaps wanting to imitate Taylor Swift.