Prince William and his son Prince George are alike in so many ways not only in the physical features but in some special instances. That's why if there is a certain expression which can best apply to the father and son, that is the apple does not fall far from the tree.

The Duke of Cambridge and his son are so similar from each other to the point that they even have the same childhood blond hair and boisterous behavior. Moreover, PopSugar claimed that Prince George is also showing an interest in many of Prince William's passions which included on which Kate Middleton is not so pleased about.

First, when Prince George made his Buckingham Place balcony debut at Trooping the Colour, he put on a pale blue outfit. It was then reported that this was the very same clothes his father, Prince William wore 31 years earlier. In that event, the little prince was being carried by William and was being flanked by his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth who was also dressed in pastels.

Next, when Prince William went to St. Mary's Hospital to meet his younger brother, Prince Harry, he was dressed in a white shirt with red stitching and matched this with red shorts plus black t-bar shoes with white ankle socks. For Prince George ruing the christening of his sister Princess Charlotte, he wore an outfit that was clearly the same on the one his father worn.

Third, it can be recalled that Prince William's first tour abroad was with his parents to New Zealand and Australia when he was just a few months before his first birthday. In like manner with his son, Prince George who also made his first overseas tour with his parents to the same countries when again just a few months before his first birthday.

Lastly, Prince William grew up living in the Kensington Palace with his parents as well as his brother then attended a school in London. For Prince George, his first home was Kensington Palace but even if he lived for three years at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, his family will already be relocating back to London and will start his school in London also this Fall.