Justin Bieber may be one great singer and musician as he was just admired by Daddy Yankee but this will not free him from the criticisms he received from his concert in India. Latest reports confirmed that as the singer was admired by another artist, some Indians were not that happy in his concert.

Latest reports were telling that Daddy Yankee just shared that he likes how Justin Bieber is making music. He had so much admiration to the "Sorry" hitmaker as the two are reportedly dominating the Latin charts at the moment.

Besides praising Justin Bieber, Daddy Yankee is one great artist and well-recognized in Latin America. With a report from PEOPLE, his hit, "Despacito" is now making waves on the Latin charts. Moreover, the song becomes the first Spanish-language song to be included in the top 10 in the Hot 100 list for the first time in 20 years.

As he appreciated Justin Bieber, the latter also seemed to have an interest in the latest hit song of Daddy Yankee. It was reported that when Justin heard the song, he suddenly jumped on it which means that the song made an impact on his taste.

Daddy Yankee is also the artist behind the hit song, "Gasolina" which was also considered as a global hit and still being played in parties and special occasions 13 years have passed since its release. Because of this, the hitmaker cannot hide his happiness and contentment as he felt like he just released the song yesterday. With that, he is grateful already as an artist and for how his career progressed.

 Meanwhile, Quartz reported that Justin Bieber angered his fans in India as he just held his concert in Mumbai lately, part of his "Purpose" tour. According to the report, the fans were not happy after they found out that the singer was just doing a lip-synch performance. Some said that Bieber did not take his concert there seriously.

As Daddy Yankee was looking up to Justin Bieber because of the latter's kind of music and song interpretation, Justin just disappointed his fans in India. For great artists and musicians, connecting and satisfying the fans is a real business.