Latest reports confirmed that Apple is already in the process to develop its iPhone 9 despite rumors that the iPhone 8 will be launched anytime soon. With this report, it was also claimed that the company tapped LG to be the exclusive supplier of the battery of the said device.

It was then reported that the new Apple device will come out this 2018 and that the company asked for the services of LG for its battery. With the decision of the company referring to the battery of the iPhone 9, Apple slightly departed from its usual operating strategy.

In its tradition, BGR reported that Apple always likes to make use of several suppliers for the components of its various iPhone models. This strategy of the company helps them to secure reasonable costs of all their iPhone models while also providing a border against any unexpected technical problem or issue.

Because of tapping only one company which is LG, reports escalated that perhaps LG is working on something that is sufficiently impressive that Apple was convinced o go all-in with them. It was then added that the battery of the reported iPhone 9 will be L-shaped which is a design that sets to give and optimize internal space. If this is true, this is a feat which gets increasingly more of a challenge with every development of iPhone model.

According to a source which I likewise familiar with the said deal, LG I already preparing for this as it has invested hundreds of billions of won into restoring and upgrading its facilities prior to the mass production of the said batteries of the iPhone 9. It was also claimed that the said production will also kick off sometime in the early quarter of 2018.

Meanwhile, reports were also rife that the iPhone 8 will be sporting an L-shaped battery and will feature a stacked logic board design to give way for a bigger battery. It was also speculated that its battery will be even greater than that the iPhone 7 Plus delivers.

It can be recalled that the iPhone 7 Plus can support 13 hours of LTE browsing or 60 hours of wireless audio playback on just a single charge. If the iPhone 8 can surpass this, Apple will be producing a device which can serve as another selling point on an already compelling handset.