Reports were rife that the next Xiaomi phones will be using the Samsung AMOLED screens while Apple will move to use the OLED Displays exclusively. It can be recalled that the Samsung Display and the LG Display were in a competition for customers regarding their OLED offerings and lately, it looked like Samsung just won.

Latest reports claimed that Xiaomi just placed an order for 6" rigid AMOLEDs and with this, 1 million will be delivered this December and 2.2. million next year. It can be recalled that Xiaomi tried to order and source 5.5" flexible OLED panels from LG but the deal did not pursue. This was because the LG Display's manufacturing plant will just start their production three months later than what the company expected.

For their Mi Note 2, GSM Arena claimed that Xiaomi already uses such panel but was expected to make use of a newer generation of their new Note. Meanwhile, Samsung has still tens of millions of AMOLED panels to manufacture for iPhone 8. But latest reports claimed that Apple will be moving to use the OLED Displays exclusively in the year 2018.

On one hand, Xiaomi is looking forward to producing its third sub-brand after Mi and Redmi which reports claimed will be called Lanmi. Previously, reports were claiming that the company is said to have already working on a specific smartphone which is expected to be launched and released under the Lanmi brand.

The said smartphone could be the Xiaomi X1 but some reports were saying that the first smartphone that will be launched under the Lanmi brand is the Xiaomi 5X. As to the latest report, this smartphone might be launched on the 26th of July though there are no confirmations yet. Moreover, even if it was not yet released, rumors were rife that the Xiaomi X1 may come with antenna lines, dual camera, and a LED flash.

Further, the latest Xiaomi X1 rumors suggested that the device could be a mid-ranged smartphone. It was then reported that the upcoming Xiaomi device is likely to be priced at CNY 1,999 but might be changed when the device will be launched already.