Latest reports revealed that CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh just confirmed that the announcement for the Galaxy Note 8 will be in late August. Moreover, some reports were also claiming that the first wave of the launching of the said device will start in September.

If the said August announcement is true as confirmed by the Samsung CEO, the revelation for the next device in the Galaxy Note lineup will happen just days prior to the beginning of the IFA. It can be recalled that the IFA happened around the time of the unveiling and launching for the past Galaxy Note devices.

Apart from the late August announcement for the Galaxy Note 8 as revealed by the Samsung CEO, what also excites the consumers are the additional and new features of the said upcoming device. If this is true, Android Headlines reported that it would seem to match up with another and earlier speculation that the device will not be arriving before the month of September.

Moreover, some reports also speculated that the launch places will include the U.S., South Korea which is regarded as the home country or Samsung and the UK. For consumers, this should not be considered as shocking news already since these three regions are considered as the large markets. The U.S. and the UK are the two largest Western markets while South Korea has been regarded as Samsung's biggest Asian market.

The three above-mentioned regions are said to be the first countries which will receive the said Galaxy Note 8 in September. For the remaining regions and countries, the said device will be available for launching sales in October. Though the dates were not confirmed for the launching of the said device, one thing was guaranteed and that was the device would not hit the store until the IFA is over.

It can be recalled that last year's launching of the Galaxy Note 7 became controversial because of some issues. With this, it was reported that Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 will be much of a focus of the company in order to correct the issues which unfolded with the Note 7.