OnePlus 5 was officially released as it recently got its official debut just last week. With its launching, the said OnePlus device dominated most of the headlines with LG also launching G6+ which IS a slightly upgraded version of its G6.

Apart from OnePlus and LG, reports were rife that Samsung will also release its Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 7 soon. Speculations were rife that the launching is near and this time, the reports are already gaining intense interest.

Even if it was widely accepted by users and consumers, the OnePlus 5 is said to be cheating on its benchmarks to be able to gain chart-topping and smooth performance. The process of the so-called cheating was uncovered lately.

In the case of this device, GSM Arena reported that the OnePlus 5 locks the little cluster of its Snapdragon chipset at highest speed when a benchmark has been found. This then deactivates thermal throttling but this won't affect the big cluster. However, this process will push the multi-core benchmark results at its highest level.

But I was confirmed later that the OnePlus 5 did not heat in a greater speed and at an extreme level. But when the GPU benchmarks are being operated, that's the time when the heat goes to the highest level and the back of the device could go as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Then again, the users need to take note that the GPU clocks still remain the same.

Meanwhile, LG just announced the release of its G6+ which is an upgraded version of its G6. It was then reported that the new G6+ got some software upgrades which also consist of facial recognition. This time, the said new feature is only available in Korea but users in the U.S. will get to experience this upgrade later.

Aside from the above-mentioned software upgrade, the LG G6+ also comes with 128GB of storage, B&O Play earbuds plus wireless charging. However, even if the company already announced its launching, there are still no specific dates with regards to it most especially its availability in the U.S.