Latest reports were saying that the Russian government tried to interfere in the previous US presidential elections by supporting Trump. With this, an email revealed that a Russian publicist even tried to release damaging information about Hillary Clinton in order for Donald Trump to get the highest public office in America.

As this reports escalated, it was claimed that Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr. was informed through an email that a Russian material was trying to produce information against Hillary Clinton. He was likewise made aware that this was part of the efforts of the Russian government to support the candidacy of his father.

It was also learned in the said report that there were three people who have the knowledge of the said controversial email. The email was sent by Russian publicist and former British tabloid reporter, Rob Goldstone. Then the report also gave view to the detail that Mr. Trump was interested in having the said damaging information about Clinton but he was unaware of the identity of the lawyer which is the source of the material.

Though it was revealed that the information was detrimental to Hillary Clinton's reputation and status, Mr. Goldstone clarified that there was no indication that the Russian government was trying to aid Trump' candidacy and campaign. New York Times also reported that the Russian government was the source of the material but no clear relation to the Russian government computer hacking that led to the release of emails of the Democratic National Committee.

Because of this controversial email, the Justice Department, as well as the investigators in the Congress, wanted to include this as they examine whether any of President Trump's associates has linked with the Russian government to interfere with last year's election. However, some intelligence agencies in the U.S. were firm that the Russian government participated in the result of the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. lawyer said that his client had done nothing wrong and will cooperate with the investigators if he is needed. The legal counsel to the son of Donald Trump also added that Trump Jr. had no knowledge as to what specific information he was receiving that time even if this might damage Clinton's reputation.