Opioid painkiller manufactured by Opana ER provides relief to the people who are suffering from constant severe pain. But there has been a report that the drug is abused by the people to get high and therefore, FDA has requested Opana ER to withdraw the drug from the market.

Opana ER has decided to withdraw opioid painkiller from the market because there have been reports from federal regulators that the painkiller is abused by many. According to reports from CNBC, Endo International PLC has voluntarily stopped selling the approved opioid painkillers that provide relief from severe continuous pain after seeking advice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For the very first time, FDA requested the removal of an opioid drug from the market due to reports of abuse. Endo International PLC said that the drug is effective and safe when used in a prescribed manner and also the benefits of the drugs outweigh the risk that it presents.

The report further said that FDA has realized that the opioid painkiller made by Opana ER is too dangerous because people are using the drug to get high instead of getting rid of the severe pain. The pill should be injected into the body in order to get relief from severe pain but instead of that, people are crushing the pill to snort it.

FDA also said that Opana ER was also abused in 2015 that resulted in the outbreak of hepatitis C and HIV in southern Indiana. Opana ER got the approval for the drug in 2006 and the formulation of the drug was changed later in 2012. The newer version of the drug was also approved by the FDA but the Opana ER was prohibited from marketing the drug as an abuse deterrent. Opana ER has decided that it will cooperate with FDA to provide an alternative drug to the patients who were using the opioid painkiller before.