"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" will be out in the theaters in Nov. 2018 and it is said that the makers of the film are considering Jessica Chastain to essay Lilandra, the ruler of the Shi'ar Empire. If she indeed makes it to the film, it would make for an exciting entry as Lilandra has an interesting past in the comic book.

"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" makers are looking to cast Jessica Chastain as Lilandra in the next X-Men movie and it makes for interesting news. According to IGN, Lilandra, the Empress of Shi'ar Empire, is a fascinating character with an equally fascinating backstory. To begin with, she is not a superhero in the traditional sense of the word but she is relatively more powerful than regular human beings and humanoids.

Lilandra Neramani is her complete name and she possesses telepathy skills. She is a warrior herself and can also operate a spaceship. An army of strong warriors guard her and it is headed by the mighty Gladiator. The character of Lilandra was created by Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont in 1976 and she has had an impressive past as she not only revolted but also overthrew D'Ken. All in all, she is a powerful and inspiring character that fans would be happy to watch in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix."

In the meantime, it is said that "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" could be another achievement for Fox Studios, Comicbook claimed. The studio has been consistently trying to break new ground in the X-Men franchise and it has been evident in other X-Men films. More and more creative elements have been included in these films and all this is being done with the motive of turning X-Men franchise into a full-fledged cinematic universe.

Fox has many movies lined up for release and it has disclosed the schedule of six new films that will be arriving in 2018-2021. "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" is scheduled to release on Nov. 2, 2018, and it will see the star cast of "X-Men: Apocalypse" making a comeback. It remains to be seen if Jessica Chastain would also be there as Lilandra.