Among all the places to open a Korean restaurant, Englewood, New Jersey would not be an obvious choice. However, Mr. BBQ opened six years ago and continues to dominate in the Korean cuisine scene with its quality buffet-style eatery.

Mr. BBQ opened in 2011 with a passion for serving and treating others. The owner, Paul Kwak, designed the eatery for those who love quality food and want to have it any way they like. The Korean restaurant offers made-to-order grilled meat and an all you can eat buffet. The management team prides themselves in providing all sorts of Korean dishes. 

"People may think the meat quality would not be the best because it's buffet-style," Kwak shared. "However, we don't play around with quality of meat." He went on to share that Mr. BBQ promotes quantity as well as quality because they know what their customers like and expect in great Korean food. 

Englewood Cliffs is conveniently located near Fort Lee, Palisades Park, and Manhattan, all cities with large Korean populations. Mr. BBQ carefully chose Englewood because it was close, but away from the crowded cities and also accessible to non-Koreans who also enjoy their tasty menu. 

"The town welcomed us so much. Mr. BBQ was very popular from the beginning because it was new and unique to the area," Kwak said. 

Mr. BBQ serves Korean dishes to guests from all around the world.

"I want to promote Korean food, Korean BBQ, Korean spirit to mainstream of cuisine culture in the U.S."

Mr. BBQ continues to keep its doors open and make plans for expansion to grow as a giant in the Korean BBQ market.