Mosul residents are now in danger of being denied from getting their water supply. The UN has revealed that at least 500,000 people inside the Iraq's second largest city have no access to this basic need.

It has been found that Iraqi soldiers have hit one of the three major water channels during a skirmish against ISIS fighters in eastern Mosul. Considering that the damage has been done inside an extremist-held area, repairs at the moment will be impossible.

As of late, the Iraqi-spearheaded military campaign is in full blast in Mosul. Since the location of conflict is the Islamic State's last known major base, it is perceived that the fighting will be intensified and probably extensive.

Attempts to address the water concern inside the city have gone out of hand due to the ISIS response. Zuhair Hazem Al-Jabouri, an official supervising the urban area's water and energy services, has announced that the terrorist group has deliberately disabled the water pipeline in neighborhoods proximal to the frontlines.

The electricity running the supply stations have been immobilized to deter advancing Iraqi troops. By depriving people of their drinking water, the population will be forced to move into ISIS positions where the fighters will be able to use civilians as human shields.

According to UN Humanitarian Coordinator Lise Grande, a blueprint is emerging in ISIS-occupied areas. Basic necessities like food and water are being used to manipulate people.

Sabah Al-Numan, a spokesman for Iraq's counterterrorism forces, has said that the jihadists control water stations as they please.

As Iraqi forces surrounded Mosul, the military has also managed to severe supply channels to the militants. However, the approach has spelled disaster for the residents as many people headed to the extremist locations to get basic needs.

It has been around ten days since Mosul has been denied of clean drinking water. Some people have reopened improvised wells. However, it is troubling to know that the water being acquired is filthy.