"Cars 3" has arrived in theaters and this time it sees Lightning McQueen undergoing a makeover. The red and yellow body is nowhere to be seen and has been replaced by a brand new blue coat and executive producer John Lasseter has also shared his views about the relationship shared by Doc and McQueen.

"Cars 3" is out in the theaters and it has come forward with a new look for Lightning McQueen. According to USA Today, the suave car has gotten a makeover and instead of the red and yellow look it used to flash, it is now sporting a brand new blue shade. In "Cars 3" epilogue, Lightning is seen speeding with the new coat on its body. However, there is a reason the makeover has been introduced for the car. After Lightning helped Cruz Ramirez ace the Florida 500, he decides to pay tribute to his mentor, Cruz.

She wears No. 51 during the race while Lightning shows up with "Fabulous Lightning McQueen" tattooed on his side. Speaking about the equation Doc and McQueen share, executive producer John Lasseter said that the final act of "Cars 3" makes McQueen realize that what he is feeling is exactly what Doc went through when he took charge of mentoring McQueen.

He also said that McQueen adopted the new blue color scheme just for fun and for Doc, the most satisfying and amazing thing in life was guiding McQueen. When McQueen learns this, he is moved and it affects him greatly. Lasseter said that in his belief, Doc and McQueen are like father and son and for the latter, life will not be the same as things have changed. It is worth mentioning here that "Cars 3," the third installment in the "Cars" franchise revolves around the comeback journey of Lightning McQueen as he is back to win his lost reputation.