California has just been labeled as the state in the U.S. which is the leader in air pollution citing its highest level of ozone gases. This latest study was conducted by the American Lung Association which was also published in the "State of the Air 2017" report.

It was included in the said report that even if the quality of air in California is improving, the chances are still low. It was found out too that the top three states or places in the U.S. with the worst levels of smog were Los Angeles-Long Beach, Bakersfield, and Fresno-Madera.

In the said study, CBS News reported that the researchers of the said organization collected the data from the years 2013 to 2015 and they based the criteria on the recorded levels of ozone as well as the particle pollution. Apart from the most polluted states, Salinas was also recognized as the cleanest city in the state and in the whole country.

With this latest report, some reasons were revealed which contributed perhaps to the worsening of air pollution in California. According to Steve LaDochy, Ph.D., professor of geography and urban analysis at California State University, the Los Angeles basin has been exposed to highest levels of ozone in the United States.

That reason and happening also supported the claim that even if it is already getting better in the said state, still it's the worst in the U.S. However, some reports were claiming that some parts of California were significantly better like in northern California.

Aside from the reason mentioned previously, Science Daily reported that the growing number of population was also seen as one of the contributing factors. LaDochy also stressed that more residents were the ones responsible for the recent drop in air quality in the Central Valley.

Because of this worsening problem in terms of air quality in California, Dr. LaDochy suggested the implementation of eco-friendly air regulations. This, according to him will lower and lessen the pollution levels. Moreover, he also saw the importance of renewable energy sources as these have helped improve the air quality in the state.

The primary reasons why California has been too exposed to high levels of ozone were because of its geography and climate. Some residents and experts still believed that the current environmental programs will help in the improvement of air quality in the said state.