Latest reports claimed that the UK High Courts have requested the government of Britain to look back and examine their policies concerning air pollution. With this, the government has only May 9 to submit its air quality plan after it has been criticized for delaying the creation of the said plan.

It can be recalled that the government has been ordered before to come up with a quality plan in order to deal with the worsening problem of air pollution. But some were already dismayed as per The Conversation UK since this was delayed and according to reports, it will resume once the general election will be finished on June 8.

In British laws, there are rules which are implemented which would restrain announcements through the election period. But since there is already a need for this, the UK High Courts already acted on behalf of those people and special organizations telling that the government needs to study its plan which will help them deal with air pollution.

The revision of the plan was initiated after the breaching of legally-binding EU limits of pollutants in places all over Britain as per Reuters. But before, the government already came up with its plan only that it was deemed illegally poor as it was not able to lessen the quantity of nitrogen dioxide to its supposedly legal limits.

Air pollution is already a major problem in Britain and in the UK that's why the implementation of policy is really important as well as its urgency. According to latest reports, each year there are reported 40, 000 deaths caused by air pollution. Moreover, it was also reported that among the countries in Europe, UK has the second highest mortality rate which is linked to the emissions of nitrogen dioxide.

Because of what the UK High Courts has issued, the government needs to publish the plan by May 9 but the final draft of the policy is needed to be released on July 31, month after the general elections. The problem in the worsening air pollution needs an urgent solution and there is no need and time for delay.