The century-old sewer system in Britain will be used to deal with climate change as environmental problems slowly unfold these days. Created in the 19th century, this sewer system was used originally to stop the cholera epidemics.

The benefits of Britain's century-old sewer system extend until these times as it was just reported that the network will be used for on especial purpose. Since the problems of climate change are worsening, it was claimed that the sewer system can be more beneficial if it will be used to combat such environmental dilemma.

According to Bloomberg, the sewer system in Britain can get as warm as 21 degrees Celsius of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Some of the pipes in this system have water coming from toilets as well as plug holes and the water was able to collect heat from the air and from appliances of different households.

Because of the heat that was collected by the water flowing in the pipes of the Britain's century-old sewer system, there were reports claiming that this could be a good source of renewable energy. With this, there is a chance that more than a third of London can benefit from this every year.

More than that, reports were rife that through this sewer system and network, the U.K. government will be able to increase the renewables which are used to supply heat. As known by experts, greenhouse gas emissions are among the biggest sources of pollution. With that, the government was seeking ways to cut that in a substantial amount by the year 2030.

Especially these times, U.K. has been facing challenges when it comes to pollution and energy policies. Even if the wind and solar power are being used to such great extent, the government and the experts still find it hard to cut emissions that result to heating. This now becomes the source of carbon pollution in Britain and some nearby places.

For Britain and for the rest of the world, heat is extremely necessary most especially when it comes to renewable sources of energy. With this, people in Britain in the century-old sewer system vital as this contain enough heat.