Superstar player, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to make a move from Real Madrid, after being with the team for eight years. Real Madrid's forward player is eyeing to be back to Manchester United due to insecure feelings and due to the way that the club handled his alleged tax evasion case.

Real Madrid's forward, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to make a move away from the team and is considering a return to Manchester United. The superstar player has asked his agent, Jorge Mendes to work out on his transfer to Man Utd within the summer transfer window, Metro reported.

Notably, Ronaldo has been with the Real Madrid team since 2009, when he joined the team for a world record transfer fees of €94 million. However, prior to that, he was Manchester United's star player and played with the team from 2003 to 2009.

In related news, it has been said that recently, the Portugal player was embroiled in a tax evasion case, wherein the Spanish government alleged that he evaded millions in taxes. And, according to reports from The Sun, it is the way in which the club dealt with the matter, that made the star player feel unprotected.

Moreover, the growing negativity of the Madrid supporters towards his performance is also something that has made the player consider a move. The report further states that he has communicated his irreversible decision of leaving the club, to the Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez.

Sources suggest that the four-times Ballon d'Or winner player's move to Manchester United has a "concrete possibility." However, it remains to be seen whether Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent, Jorge Mendes are able to work out a deal that will have the player moving back to Manchester United from Real Madrid within the summer transfer window, which is also a team that he loves.