YouTube is reportedly taking a new approach and strategy in removing videos which are actually detrimental to the opinions of the public. These videos are said to be promoting offensive videos and the company is looking for a better way to curb them.

The said move of YouTube was prompted by an event and news when it was claimed that one of the suspects who attacked the London Bridge recently was influenced by a certain video on the said site. It was said that the man was radicalized by videos of Islamic preacher on YouTube.

It was also reported that the videos by the American Islamic preacher featured videos which contained extremely charged and sectarian language. With that, Google, the parent company of YouTube decided to impose policies and guidelines in order to top posting of extremist videos on the said prominent site.

According to New York Times, YouTube is said to be removing all videos immediately which clearly violate the site's community guidelines most especially terrorism. Apart from that, it was also found out that these videos which do not show anything that violates the rules of the site might as well be checked and evaluated.

Meanwhile, for video which promote offensive matters but do not induce violence, YouTube will give them a warning and will not be even recommended or monetized for advertising. This means that these videos falling under this category will just gain little views and visitors since they will have less engagement.

With that, the general counsel of Google said that by doing this, YouTube still strikes the balance between the right to free expression and access to information without the need to promote offensive opinions. The company is looking forward to maintaining a site healthy for the visitors and viewers while helping to keep the world a secure place to live in.

Before, YouTube just employed computer-based video analysis for the elimination of its terrorism-related videos. Now, the company is planning to incorporate more engineering tools in order to spot and determine more problematic and offensive videos.