A Syrian rebel group has released a mock execution video in which nine Islamic State militants are lined up to be shot and then unexpectedly spared by their captors.

Mimicking the ISIS propaganda videos, the footage opens with the ISIS extremists in orange jumpsuits being led along a dusty desert road by nine masked members of the Syrian rebel group al-Shamiyya Front, reported the Daily Mail.

As seen in numerous execution videos released by ISIS, the prisoners are then forced to kneel down, and the rebel fighters aim their guns at their heads, preparing to fire.

But unlike the ISIS videos, in which prisoners are brutally executed with no remorse, the words "Muslims are not criminals" flash across the screen and the rebel fighters suddenly place their guns in their holsters, whip off their masks and walk away from the prisoners.

An Islamic cleric dressed in white is then shown sternly lecturing to the ISIS captives, saying, "This is not our policy. We are not evil," according to The Daily Mail.

"To the champions of our revolution and the hope of our people, justice will guide us, Islam needs us. We have allowed you a way out... we do not seek any fame. If you desire to execute us, here are our swords, such executions will only consolidate our faith. Kindness is the premise of our lives," said Sheikh Mohammed Khatib, President of the Sharia Office of al-Shamiyya, according to The Mirror.

The nine Islamic State captives were then reportedly returned to prison, according to The New York Post.