Camila Cabello made headlines when she left Fifth Harmony to focus on her solo career. Because of her move, some fans were left dismayed and disappointed since it was too early for the singer to leave the group but they can't do otherwise.

Last December, Camila Cabello shocked the fans and the people when she announced and confirmed that she will already be leaving Fifth Harmony. The reason which was given by the 20-year-old singer was to pursue her solo career.

Now, Camila Cabello is taking some moments to look back on things when she left the group. According to E! News, the "Bad Things" singer kept it classy when she was asked about her former band and bandmates. With her response, it looked like the singer still has some regrets in leaving the group.

In her latest interview with AMP Radio, Camila Cabello expressed her regrets in departing the group most especially when it was rumored that her departure was accepted negatively. She further said that she wish it would not have been like that since she just wanted peace.

In the end, she wished her former bandmates all the best in their albums and music as she is also making her own music now. Camila Cabello also shared that she already heard some snippets of the latest song of "Fifth Harmony" titled, "Down".

Upon hearing the latest song of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello said that it's not that weird at all to her music and songs without her vocals. She also added that the song was pretty cool and that it's just a natural evolution.

After that, Perez Hilton reported that Camila Cabello wished her former bandmates all the best and she believed that the group is going to kill it even without her. Right now, she is happy making her own music. With that comments, some fans thought that she kept her every word safe.

For Camila Cabello, making her own music after departing Fifth Harmon is her priority at the moment. But she also recognized the group which once made her into a star she is at the moment.