When Hope for Paws animal rescue received a call about a pair of matted, sickly dogs living in the sewage system under the I-5 Freeway in Los Angeles, Calif., they knew they had to act fast to rescue this brother-sister bonded duo.  

How siblings Pepsi and Cola survived the horrors living in a sewer is something we will never know, but what we do know is their strong bond to stick together through thick and thin, better and worse helped them during this difficult chapter in their lives.

But their lucky day came when Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez of Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles, Calif. rescue, took them on. First they had to be rescued from the sewer though, no easy task, according to the Huffington Post. For starters, the matted poodle mixes had survived far too long on their own and no longer trusted people.

In this video, we see the siblings come full circle, from living in the sewer, to Pepsi sheltering his scared sister, placing himself between the rescuers and a frightened Cola, and finally to the moment they realize their rescuers are actually there to save them.

First up was a bath and some grooming to remove the sewage from the dogs, according to the Examiner. They instantly felt better; the transformation was remarkable, both physically and mentally.

Once they were checked out and deemed well, they received a special visit from the kind family who had reported their predicament and location to Hope for Paws. The family had also been leaving food and water for the scared dogs while they were in the sewage system, according to the Dodo.

Pepsi and Cola are now up for adoption together at Maltese Rescue California. For more information on adoption or abandoned, abused, neglected or homeless dogs such as Pepsi and Cola, or any other animal, visit PetFinder.com or AdoptAPet.com.