Thailand is currently in the midst of a national dilemma and it has something to do with the increasing number of drug use. It was revealed that a lot of communities in the said Asian country are already struggling with the said problem despite the presence of rigid laws and education efforts.

BBC reported that most villages in Thailand were devastated because of drug addiction and despite the efforts of the authorities and its government to stop this, nothing changed. With this, some wondered for the real cause why drug use among Thais has been increasing.

Some people in the villages in Thailand, mostly the young ones would often take drugs known as Kratom. This Kratom, also known as "4x100" in the country has four main ingredients and these are ice, Coca-Cola, leaves of Kratom and a cough syrup.

In the past days, the leaves of the Kratom are being boiled but now and these can already be purchased as ready-to-drink. It was also reported that in a certain place some cans of Coca-Cola were seen scattered on the floor.

As Thailand battles for this increasing drug use, the three provinces which have the highest rates of drug addiction are Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat. It was also revealed that one in five teenagers is confirmed addict and Kratom are the widely used kind of drug.

With this report, a recent study also claimed that more than 80% of people living in the above-mentioned provinces have drug use as their most pressing issue. They also want the government and the authorities to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Apart from the increasing drug use, some people in the communities have another problem that is becoming prevalent. It was revealed that drug users are becoming desperate to find ways to get money that's why stealing is widespread.

Worse it was also claimed that apart from the users, the sellers are also considered drug addicts. With this, drug addiction in Thailand created a deep impact in the villages and in the relationships of the Thais.